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KIDU: A Relentless Quest is updated with a system optimization, requirements and content with the 1.0.5. version

Bernardo Hernández | 27/04/2017

“KIDU: A Relentless Quest”, first title of INvoluntary Games has received this week a package of measures related with the 1.0.5 version, which is related with resources system optimization, the requirements of disk space and language content.

After an exceptional campaign start and more than half a million downloads in less than two weeks, the “KIDU: A Relentless Quest” team stablished priorities in order to manage the stability of the game and to conquer more devices than initially expected. The better use of the RAM memory has made possible that tablets like iPad 2 (with 256 Mb RAM), unabled to run the title, can actually load the adventure in full glory and extension.

Likewise, the disk space requirements were also a big challenge, now resolved by zipping its requests from 1.06 Gb to 660 Gb, reducing the system requirements in a 40%.

El third point of this new version are the new languages included in “KIDU: A Relentless Quest”. Its fast incursion in oriental countries has brought about 4 new languages including Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Hindi and Korean.

Other minor bugs has been fixed as consequence after monitoring the players feedback.


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