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Switch your way of playing with “KIDU: A Relentless Quest”

Bernardo Hernández | 27/04/2017

KIDU: A Relentless Quest is now available in the App Store. You can download it here.
We remind you that this title is a FREMIUM version game with the firts two levels. In order to download the complete game, you can unblock the other worlds for 2,99€.

“KIDU: A Relentless Quest” has 14 levels and 4 worlds where our protagonist will travel through diferent civilizations like The Ancient Mayans or The Hidden China.

“KIDU: A Relentless Quest” goes a step forward into the 3D games. It is 3D itself. Its puzles and obstacles uses the acelerometer’s device and forces you to see the world perspectively.

You are Chack, a young boy in disagreement with the preestablished reality. He does not fit anywhere and belives that there must be anything besides the known. Then, everything changes when he recognize the girl he has been dreaming of. He decides to follow her to the last consecuences.

Download KIDU: A Relentless Quest here.

If you want a review-code, let us know at press@elzerouno.com

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More Information:
INvoluntary Games is an independent videogame studio. Their principal tools are creativity, innovation and going to experiences’ limits. Titles like “KIDU” are the representation of that values and the joy of the creation of an “INvoluntary”, beautifull playable jewel of art.


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