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Publish your game with us. Zerouno Games is an official partner of Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam and Microsoft Windows 10.

Zerouno Games' team is focussed in gaming industry. Our marketing, communication and business knowledge is always trying to push games of all sizes into success.

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Always playing weird, strange and fantastic games.

Bernardo Rodríguez

CEO Zerouno Games

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Keep it small, make it big.

Juan Cañete

CMO Zerouno Games

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We publish your games through on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One & Digital Stores.

We take care of everything, publish, promote and advertise your video game.

We increase the visibility and opportunities of notoriety of the game.

We increase the possibilities of benefit, managing the lifecycle of the product and optimizing the investment through our extensive knowledge of marketing.

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We protect your project through a symbiosis in which we both benefit in equal parts looking for a common goal.

We respect creative freedom and advise to achieve greater impact.

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