We are a project born out of events by developers for developers.

A bit of us

The Zerouno Games team is made up of professionals from each of the departments that touch the video game industry, such as development, programming, art, communication, marketing, production, business development…

All aspects are fundamental and therefore, no facet is given less importance than another.
zerounogames - about - Bernardo

“Always playing Weird, Strange, Fantastic”

Bernardo Hernández

CEO & Co-founder

“Keep it small, make it big”

Juan Cañete

CMO & Co-founder
zerounogames - about - Juan
zerounogames - about - Juca

Juan Camilo Méndez

zerounogames - about - Emilio

Emilio Pomares

Lead Programmer
zerounogames - about - Javi

Javier San Pedro

zerounogames - about - Pau

Pau Aragonés

Lead Testing
zerounogames - about - JuanFran

Juan Francisco Rivero

2D Artist
zerounogames - about - Alex

Alex Tomás Garcés

Community Manager

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