Baobabs Mausoleum Ep.3

Un Perro en Muertoburgo

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Now available!

Now available!


Graphic adventure


Studio: Celery Emblem

Publisher: Zerouno Games


After the macabre and terrifying events occurred in the second episode of Baobabs Mausoleum, it comes the final episode full of sordid stays in limbo, golf courses watched over by enchilada-shaped clouds, trips to the Mariana’s Web and an outcome with a high risk of causing you very negative effects both on your eyesight and your brain.

The final episode of Baobabs Mausoleum is already here! 

Welcome to Flamingo’s Creek. 64 inhabitants.  

Key features

8-bit graphic retro adventure

Clear references to David Lynch, Twin Peaks, Monkey Island, or the Zelda saga

Completely insane

A ghost town that only appears on Albatros Road every 25 years.