Baobabs Mausoleum

Grindhouse Edition

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Graphic adventure


Studio: Celery Emblem

Publisher: Zerouno Games


Follow Watracio Walpurgis, our fresh eggplant FBI agent, in this arc of three chapters that unifies the universe of Celery Emblem’s Jacob Jazz on the ultimate Baobabs Mausoleum Grindhouse Edition.

Go crazy in this 8-bit retro adventure set in Flamingo’s Creek, a ghost town that only appears every 25 years on the Albatro’s Road and immerse yourself in the most out-of-touch, alienated neighborhood community you will ever know. Steal, fight, negotiate, solve puzzles…

Anything goes to find Daphne and get out of that cursed town that will be kept, forever, inside your brain as one of the selected nightmares ever created.

Welcome to Flamingo’s Creek. 64 inhabitants.  

Key features

Have you ever played as an Eggplant? This is your opportunity! 
An FBI Eggplant Agent? 

Strange and paranoid blowing nightmare game 

Mixes 2D and 3D gameplay 

Inspired by David Lynch, Twin Peaks, The Legend of Zelda, Day of the Tentacle and more… 

Meet the love of your life and risk it all for her 

The three Baobabs Mausoleum chapters in one epic game… together.