Bleep Bloop

Help Bleep to save Bloop. Or it was Bleep?

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Studio: Ludipe And Friends

Publisher: Zerouno Games


Discover and get to know Bleep and Bloop, two cubes that must help each other to overcome all the challenges that will get in the way. This puzzle game has a simple appearance and will make us enjoy a unique collaborative experience. 

Play alone with both characters or share the experience with a friend. Bleep Bloop is extremely easy to play. But be warned, that doesn’t mean that the puzzles are resolved! 

Key features

There are lots of levels to keep you amused on a Sunday without plans outside, but there aren’t enough to bore you! 

An amazing soundtrack will make it easier when you get stuck in some level.

It’s suitable for a single player or two players. it is always funnier to play with some company, although screaming and blaming each other won’t help to solve a puzzle.

It has a little secret hidden somewhere. Will you be able to find it?