Discover with Green Phoenix the fantastic journey of no return to the future human society

A science fiction epic that explores the concepts of ego and freedom

Green Phoenix, developed by Broken Simulation and published by Zerouno Games, takes us on a journey, under the genre of a 3D shooter on rails, to a distant  future  where humanity is represented by a number and a price. A future where business losses outweigh human lives and where the market determines the death of planets.

Embark on Green Phoenix and Dana’s final journey into a world full of bright neon lights, but with huge shadows behind them.  

The title will be available from today, Thursday 26 August, on Nintendo Switch and Steam priced at $3.99 and $3.49, respectively.  

Green Phoenix

Green Phoenix is an on-rails 3D space shooter mixed with a deep narrative experience that focuses on the concept of ego and the meaning of freedom. In Green Phoenix, we are transported to a single player story where society is fully technologized and authoritarian and take us on the role of the spaceship AI, Green Phoenix, as it remembers its dead pilot, Dana, and embarks on a journey of revenge.


Deep and inmersive storytelling

Beautifully sculpted worlds

Fully voiced

Arcade mode, how long will you survive?