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Enjoy the most futuristic races in FAR S. ULTRA!


In Far S Ultra you will have to prove yourself as the fastest and most determined pilot among the fifteen circuits.


Outspeed your friends (or foes), come rain or shine, in all cups and championships. Crush them in any difficulty level. There are 5 to choose from. 


Evolve your pilots and upgrade your cars winning races in Championship and Custom Championship modes. 


Untap your potential in the Attack Time mode, where each lap can be the last one. 


It’s time to prove your worth! FAR S. ULTRA! 

  • 5 cups with 5 difficulty levels each one. 

  • 15 circuits with various weather conditions. 

  • 10 teams to be unlocked

  • 40 car skins

  • 30 challenges to overcome

  • Multiplayer mode on split screen. Up to 4 players

  • game modesChampionship, Time Attack and Custom




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