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Hell of Men: Blood Brothers

Hell of Men: Blood Brothers is a real-time strategy  game  in which  you will have to collect resourcesbuild your base, train your  army  by choosing your soldiers wisely and fight.


Hell of Men: Blood Brothers tells the story of the fateful  historical moment  when Russia breaks off diplomatic relations and annexes Ukraine under the closed eyes of the United Nations. As Europe is  about to explode, Belarus,  Russia’s next targetorganizes itself to fight for its sovereignty  


  • An interesting and unique story!  

  • Small-scale combat. Optimize your infantry platoon. 

  • Cover system for infantry units 

  • Strategic combat with a cover system for infantry 

  • 5 factions each with special units and bonuses 

  • A large choice of infantry and drone units 

  • resources with 3 different types of collection.  

  • Colorful environments 

  • A modern war context. 


Whacky Squad Studio


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