The Zebra-Man!

A hyper-charged action game with brutal fist fights and blood spilling in your wake.

Platforms & dates

Q4 / 2024

Q4 / 2024

Q4 / 2024

Q4 / 2024


2D Action
Pixel Art
Top Down


Studio: Zerouno Games

Publisher: Zerouno Games


Trapped in a secret facility at an undetermined time, you are a man without an identity. Confused and lost, you receive help from the mysterious Raccoon. He is determined that you kill Alexander Cooper and will only release you if you agree. Soon you’re caught up intime travel, interdimensional portals and enemies who just want to see you torn into a million little pieces. 

Key features

Get out of impossible situations while unraveling time paradoxes

Groundbreaking soundtrack

Unmistakable visual style