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OUR GAMES - Baobabs Mausoleum Episode 1. Ovnifagos Don´t Eat Flamingos.

Baobabs Mausoleum Episode 1. Ovnifagos Don´t Eat Flamingos.


CODE 160217


The town of Flamingo´s Creek is a place that appears every 25 years in Albatross Road, a neighborhood that only appears in nightmares.


Follow the FBI agent Watracio Walpurgis in his adventures trying to scape from this eerie and gooey village. Meet stranges and paranoids inhabitants, brake up your brain to solve puzzles in the most hilarius and surrealistic situations, defeat the Wendigo, get mad with cosmic laser chickens, scape from monsters that went out by the night to search ufos to eat, discover thousands of secrets…


Discover Baobab´s Mausoleum, a retro point and click adventure in J-RPG format that you will never forget.

Did i say Watracio is an vampire eggplant?


Creepy inhabitants and mysteries awaits… Welcome to Flamingo´s Creek: Population 64.
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Celery Emblem™ -Blue Onions For Rotten Pumkins-

Videogame Development Studio Based In Madrid (Spain) Created By Jacob Jazz.
Now Developing Baobab’s Mausoleum™. Stay Tuned!

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